IKAT-US: Because the Extractive Industries are for All Movie

| September 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Supported by Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) since 2010, IESR has been working together with civil society organizations in the region to support on advocacy and campaign for revenue transparency in extractive industries. Under the project Partnership Initiative of Southeast Asia and United States (IKAT-US Project), USAID Indonesia supported IESR and three Indonesian NGOs and six NGOs in the region to work together for developing better governance for extractive industries in Southeast Asia by project activities as capacity building, advocacy and public outreach.

Extractive industries such as oil, gas and minerals are the important sectors to the national economy of the countries in this region. However, governance for these sectors such as laws and regulations, long-term planning or frameworks is not well-prepared yet. As the results, many challenges are heading as environmental degradation, social conflict, corruption and poverty. This movie is to improve public outreach of the project for the extractive industries governance in Southeast Asia.


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