Publish Whan You Pay Indonesia

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia, or PWYP- Indonesia, is a civil society coalition dedicated to accelerate extractive industry management transparency and accountability. Established on November 21st 2007 as resultant of its members in encouraging extractive industry management that is responsible, giving economy benefit to state and locals, mitigating ecological externalities, and bringing socio-economic wealth to local people

Revenue Watch Institute

The Revenue Watch Institute is a non-profit policy institute and grantmaking organization that promotes the responsible management of oil, gas and mineral resources for the public good. With effective revenue management, citizen engagement and real government accountability, natural resource wealth can drive development and national growth. RWI provides the expertise, funding and technical assistance to help countries realize these benefits.

Bantay Kita

Bantay Kita is a newly formed network advocating for transparency in the extractive, particularly the mining industry. It is composed of organizations engaging the mining industry on their adverse effects on communities and the environment, and economic and governance policy research and reform organizations.

CRRT Cambodia

In January 2008, the five local NGOs such as: Centre for Social Development (CSD), Development and partnership in Action (DPA), Economic Institute of Cambodia (EIC), NGO Forum on Cambodia and Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) came together with a common aspiration to act jointly as an agent of constructive engagement with government and the private sector to help ensure that revenues from extractive industries are equitably and transparently managed in a way that is understood by the general public. Together, the members offer capacities in economic analysis, budget monitoring, transparency and good governance, and citizen empowerment. And together, they founded a new coalition called Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency (CRRT)

PanNature Vietnam

People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) is a Vietnamese not-for-profit organization. Established by a diverse group of dedicated Vietnamese environmental professionals, PanNature thinks creatively about solving the most salient environmental issues facing Vietnam. We use our wide experience, varied skills and contagious motivation to help lead a community-based movement to preserve Vietnam natural heritage and promote sustainable development nationwide. We believe that this can only be achieved by mobilizing society and changing values.

PanNature was established in late 2004 and successfully registered as a not-for-profit organization in January 2006.

Luta Hamutuk Timor Leste

Luta Hamutuk was established on 20 June 2005 by a number of activists: (Tomas Freitas, Mericio Akara, Joaozito Viana, Jose Alves Da Costa, Pedrito Viera, Karlito Nunes and Jose Monteiro) passionate about ensuring a participative and accountable development process, believing that only this would help ensure sustainable development in Timor Leste. Staff are working with volunteers to focus on the monitoring of many important projects such as Roads, Clinics, Schools, Veteran Housing. This includes the preparation and expenditure on the general state budget, as well as guaranteeing transparency within the oil and gas sector; these activities are Luta Hamutuk’s strategy to reafirm its commitment to its struggle towards Economic Justice.